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Minestra / Traditional Vegetable Soup with Pasta


2 carrotts
1 courgette
5 medium potatoes
150g yellow split peas or favetta
1 turnip or 1 kohl rabi
4 medium savoy cabbage leaves
75g pasta(optional)
250g butternut squash or pumpkin
1 spoonful of olive oil
salt and pepper
tomatoe paste


Soak the yellow split peas or favetta overnight.
Then cook in water until tender.

While the peas are cooking chop the vegetables into 1.5cm cubed (approx) pieces but if you prefer your vegetables
chunky, chop them chunky.

After the peas have cooked add water, salt and olive oil. Bring to the boil then add all the vegetables
Cook until the vegetables are tender and slightly melting into the water and add the pasta (cook pasta according to the instructions on the packet). Make sure you stir the Minestra often at this stage to avoid sticking and burning.

Serve with freshly grated cheese and freshly ground black pepper.

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