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Dacoutros Wines new

Apart from the long established wine business, the Dacoutros family also owned and operated, a soft drink bottling plant (Canada Dry, Ginger Ale, Hi-Spot etc) which was established by Peter, Anton and George Dacoutros in 1963 and the Capri-Sun fruit juice packaging plant which was established by John G Dacoutros, in 1991.

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Marsovin Ltd new

Marsovin is a household name in Malta, synonymous with the production with premium wines. The roots of this well-earned status were planted almost a century ago when Chev. Anthony Cassar founded the company under the name A&G Cassar, in 1919. Marsovin was incorporated in 1956 as a family run company which grew to become a significant part of the history of wine-making in Malta.

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MonteKristo new

Local premium wine producers & Importers of foreign wines!

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